Water Well Tips

Tips on selecting a Water Well Contractor.
Your new water well may in fact be a large investment.
We feel that to have clean sediment free well water is one of the most important assets to your home and property.
When getting a bid for your new water well:

  • Ask for contractors license number.
  • Make sure the contractor is currently licensed in your state.
  • Ask for referrals of customers who have had water wells similar to your proposed well.
  • Explain to the contractor that you plan to contact these referrals and
  • Review the "state reports" on these wells via public information.

Water Well Reports

Texas Department Licensing Regulation: www.license.state.tx.us/wwd/wwd.htm
Texas Water Well Reports: TDLR Viewer
(Identify, use crosshair, click on Brown Dot, Drillers Report, click on Tracking Number)

Oklahoma Water Resource Board: www.owrb.ok.gov
Oklahoma Water Well Driller Reports: Records Search
Oklahoma Water Well Reports Interactive Viewer: OWRB Viewer Full Screen
(Use mouse controls, click on Green Dot to display record)

November 5, 2012 by Clint Bassett  |  www.bassettdrilling.com

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