Water Well Storage / Booster

Storage systems range in size from 250 gallon to 10,000 gallon. Top right is our 2500 gallon system complete with float controls and freeze protection. (approximate tank size is 7' 1/2" diameter x 7' tall) The tank acts as a battery with well recharging tank. (example: If well is refilling tank at a rate of 12 gpm and consumption is 24 gpm you are only depleting tank at a rate of 12 gpm x 2500 gallon = 208 minutes. System also has built in safeguards to protect equipment in the event that tank is over pumped.) Call for system sizing to fit your needs.

Booster pump and controls may be housed in our insulated fiberglass house and pre-fabricated slab (on lower right) or customers existing structure. This system can be tailored to fit any GPM/pressure needs. Also available is our thermostat controlled heating system to ensure no freezing in winter.

November 5, 2012 by Clint Bassett  |  www.bassettdrilling.com